4 Inbound Marketing Techniques Everyone Should Try Out

11 Apr

At this time and age, who doesn’t need Marketing? Everybody does! But Marketing as a term is way too broad. How do we figure out what works for whom? Most of the text book Marketing methods are too expensive for small businesses to employ and also contains the risk of not being fruitful. Here is when Inbound Marketing plays an important role in boosting online presence, bringing in leads with maximum ROI.

Here are four inbound marketing techniques that we’ve used which has been successfully driving sales of our clients.

Offer Free Guides: Tutorials are one of the most sought out Content

Free Guides are one of the best way to keep traffic coming in to your website. The reasons are in it’s name itself. It’s free and it’s a guide. Providing useful resources to the audience is the core principle of Content Marketing. Free guides will play a crucial role in capturing email addresses through your CTAs. If your guides are good enough they’ll attract returning traffic. Hubspot, the company that coined the term Inbound Marketing offers great deal of resources on their website. Ensure your guide topics are very specific and keep creating them periodically.

Free Guides


Use 2-3 Keywords and effectively Optimize them

This is an incredibly important best practice that every marketer must follow. Optimizing keywords ensures your buyers find you through search engines. There is an increasing belief about how Keywords are not important as they used to be. It is not completely true but you need to be aware that you’re optimizing for your buyers and not just for the Search Engine’s Algorithm. Meaning, you just cannot dump all your keywords to see your page rank higher. Work on finding good Long Tail Keywords, related to your business and optimize around them.


In this example the long tail keyword is ‘Marketing Automation Small Business’. Minus the ads, Practical eCommerce ranked #1 for the long tail keyword.


Master the Art of Leveraging Social Media

About 2.34 billion people use social media all over the world. They’re all scattered over different mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and name everything you know. This makes the Social Media presence an absolute necessity for any business. Chances of improving your engagement is more on Social Media compared to any other platform. Publish high quality content on your Social Media space, begin conversations with your buyers and engage them. This also gives you a possibility to listen to your competitors. Make sure you integrate all your social media profiles on your website and don’t forget the social sharing buttons on your website content.

Social Media 

Email Popups

Yeah, pop ups are annoying. But time and time again they have proved to be successful. We’re certainly not suggesting you to add a pop up for every single page of your website. But strategically place your exit pop ups. They don’t just help you in capturing email addresses, but also help you improve the bounce rate of your website. Big brands still follow this principle and don’t shy away from pop ups. Just be careful with pop ups, as they can also negatively impact your business.

Email Popup

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