5 Tips To Improve Your Google Analytics Reporting

25 Apr

Verify Tracking Code Installation

This is one of the most commonly found problems in Google Analytics. Many people either don’t have a tracking code or have an incorrect tracking code installed. Use Google’s Tag Assistant to your Google Chrome browser to verify if you’re using the correct tracking code. Once you finish installing the extension, click the tag assistant and enable it. Now when you visit your website you could see if your tags are enabled. If you cannot find any mistakes, your Google Analytics code is working correctly.

Verify tracking code installation

Create different views

Create three different views per property. One for reporting, one for testing and one for an unfiltered view. This would ensure you don’t lose your data. Go to Google Analytic’s Admin Panel. Under the view, click Create New View. Now Select the data that the new view must track and save your view with a new name and time zone. Once you’re done with this change the name of the unfiltered view by going to the Admin Overview page and the View settings. Here you can change the name of the unfiltered view under the view name box.

Create different views

Filter your IP address

Ensure you filter your IP address(es) from Google Analytics to get accurate report of traffic. To do this, first find out your IP address. You can simply do that by googling “what is my ip address”. If you have more than one workplace, make sure you collect all the IP addresses. To exclude the Ip address, go to Google Analytic’s admin panel. Under Account, click the all filters option. Now click add filter and enter the ip address. And don’t forget to click the save button.

Filter your IP address

Exclude self-referrals

This step is to keep away your own domain from showing up on the referral reports. Self-referral data can affect acquisition, behavior and conversion data by artificially inflating channel sessions and if you’re segmentic traffic by channel the data you’re analyzing most probably is inaccurate. Go to admin panel. Under property, click tracking info. Now select referral exclusion list.

Exclude self referrals

Exclude bots

Bot traffic accounts 52% of all traffic. Google search engine’s bots would automatically be excluded by Google Analytics. There could be bad bots visiting your website too. The bots that could process javascripts. We need to filter out these bots. Why do we need to exclude bots? They can spike up your bounce rate and completely take over referral reports. It’ll look as if your site’s traffic has improved, but this is not good traffic. You can simply exclude bots by going to view settings under view and simply checking exclude bots.

Exclude bots

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