14 Feb

Why Are Your Inbound Marketing Results Going Awry?

Inbound vs. Outbound – inbound wins hands down!

It is 4x more effective!

In fact many people rightly believe that outbound marketing belongs to a bygone era before the internet came about. However, whilst the reasons for this may currently reign, there are ways for it to be done that yield exactly what you don’t want from your hard marketing endeavours. Additionally, with everyone gravitating towards this method, it’s harder to make a dent with prospects.

To ensure you aren’t using inbound marketing as a new-fangled MO that’s all furiously sparkly without a hint of substance, in this 6-blog series we enumerate and elucidate where your inbound marketing results can go askew.

When marketing and sales aren’t covering overlapping-ground together, they are setting themselves up for failure. Prospect, Lead and Opportunity – which belongs to Sales and which to Marketing? Inbound Marketing needs to nurture leads, and bring prospects up to the decision-making strata of the funnel, so that Sales needs just one fell swoop to take them.

Marketing & Sales must talk to each other.

Sales and Marketing work cheek-by-jowl.


Sales and Marketing are delineated by fences – Marketing generates, tosses to Sales, Sales qualifies, creates the opportunity/converts, closes the deal.


Marketing and Sales work in tandem, from beginning to end. Sales informs Marketing, Marketing propels Sales.

ROI becomes an organisation’s endeavour rather than a departmentalised effort.

Aligning the two departments – what’s wrong and what rights the wrong:

  1. The customer’s problem is the priority, not your internal Sales and Marketing scraps.

In fact, both heads should chill together and play for the same side.

  1. Content is the medium that can nudge prospects further down the sales funnel.

It has to be so strategic that when Sales enters the scene, the prospect is mesmerised enough to hand over their money. Or something on those lines.

  1. Marketing is pivotal in expanding Sale’s process by deploying educational and impactful content.

Sales must play a role in content creation.

  1. Quality trumps quantity

It’s not about how many leads. It’s about how many qualified leads. Do they match the buyer persona?

  1. According to marketer Jeremy Boudinet, 25% leads are cinched through inbound, and 1.5% directly through sales (i.e. without marketing’s help).

Erm. Do the math??

  1. Marketing impels ROI but suffers with budgets.

It galvanises or influences sales, and must prove so with proper KPIs like ‘deal influenced’ or ‘deal sourced.’

  1. Appreciate each other’s challenges and purview.

Oftentimes Sales doesn’t acknowledge Marketing’s ambit, and the latter can’t grasp the former’s situational difficulties. The result: energy tense enough to rope-walk across.

  1. Marketing & Sales can’t be aligned because they are the same team.

The only aligning is aligning with the customer.

In a capsule:

Marketing: expands verticals (quantitative leads) → links ad spends to conversions (qualitative leads) → Sales: management inclined to established brand name (qualitative effort) → qualifying approach (sales skill)

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