A Thorough Checklist for E-Commerce Websites: No.2: Home Page Checks

11 Sep

When you are creating a website, there are a few things you need to make sure are there. These things take the perspective of the consumer into consideration, pay heed to what bigger e-commerce businesses have done after resourceful research, and finally look at what really is going on by using analytics and feedback from the site.

In this blog series, we take you from the general site-wide checks to individual page-wise checks that you need to do to set-up a good foundation for the website and for further digital marketing efforts, without falling into the traps of common mistakes and oversights.

Visitors don’t always land on your home page, especially if they are being directed by search engines. However, many visitors do land smack in the middle of this page, or they find their way there quite quickly to find out about you. So, it’s important you have their attention right from the moment they land here, and have the crux of the matter gotten to quickly and communicated very directly.

The Home Page Checklist

  • The home page must be visually pleasing, content-relevant and straightforward.
  • The content on the home page can’t be heavy and laborious. However, whilst employing brevity, it still needs to inform visitors about who you are, what you do, and how you are the answer to whatever problem they need solved.
  • In that vein, you need to have prominent CTAs (calls to action), encouraging further interaction with your site, and suggesting a move along in a direction decisive to your business needs. Moreover, this CTA will indicate what pain points you solve and what you offer customers. E.g. Pick the right birthday gift, or Find a course suited to your level.
  • Although images shouldn’t overpower content (since content unequivocally informs visitors about what your deal is) it is an equally influential element. Large, appealing imagery, preferably one talking to your strengths or illustrating your wares, usually cuts it. But apart from the basic this is what we sell image, it should be emotionally engaging, too, and reflect your brand. It may be a worthwhile effort to invest in professional photography for this.
  • Include some of your best features here. You could group them as Top Selling, Featured Products or Recommended for You You could use this space to either display quick moving products, or a range of products that are of a similar style or bought together.
  • In an unobtrusive yet visible position of the page, include links to access content like blogs, case studies or journal material. This is engaging content that, depending on the relevance, could take idle browsers further into your site, educating them about your brand and business. This has a better chance at conversion, too. Usually one finds this at the bottom of the page, but if you have a relevant hot-topic it could be featured in a more prominent and fixed place on the page.
  • Make sure there is a live chat box somewhere so people can talk to you immediately instead of having to find your FAQ page. This could appear as a floating side bar that pops up when one hovers the mouse over it.
  • You already know that you should leave your coordinates for visitors to get in touch with you, and it helps when your menus have familiar names.

Focus on the 8 points mentioned above and you’re quite set!

This checklist pertains to details about a website’s home page. To read on for other individual-page checklists or instead a site-wide checklist, you can follow this series on our website.

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