Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

A ‘no competition’ scenario means that either your market is heavily controlled by regulations and geopolitical constraints, or because you are the pioneer in an emerging technology.  Unfortunately, over 99% of businesses fall outside these scenarios.  Losing market share as long as you continue to grow in absolute revenue terms may not seem a problem today, but they say “competition is like children, they grow faster than you realize and become a lot more troublesome as they grow”.

Enhancing your competitive edge through a lean and mean sales & marketing organization could be achieved by moving two levers.

  • Improve the product’s availability or the customer’s ability to buy the solution by removing all possible impediments, like distance, time, processes, alternatives, information overload, etc. that the customer has to wade through.
  • To differentiate and position the product ahead of competition and demonstrate the differentiation through actual performance.

Our solution to help our customers gain a sustainable yet competitive advantage consists of the following steps:


  • Understand the competitive and alternative environments
  • Quantified competitive differentiation


  • Develop detailed go-to-market plans that address avenues of alternatives, as well as identify unique ones
  • Develop sales tools that clearly demonstrate benefits and differentiate from alternatives
  • Detail and develop the customer engagement avenues to maximize user experience
  • Develop the marketing content and collaterals around the differentiation


  • Establish a mechanism for transparency and constant visibility to measures that track compliance to the competitive strategy for both sales and marketing
  • Calendar execution – inbound/outbound lead acceleration campaigns
  • Drive sales through different go-to-market avenues
  • Clearly define functional and in-process deliverables/measures that influence competitive advantage
  • Monitor competition response and tweak processes, messages and measures.