Doubled Revenue Quadrupled Leads

Doubled Revenue, Quadrupled Leads

Client Description

The client is a Mobile App company based in India with branches in the USA, and deals with the creation of mobile apps for e-commerce companies.

Business Challenge & Drivers

Although the client was putting out a competitive product and knew the demands of the market they were facing a lot of challenges with attracting and converting leads.

While the product itself had ambition, the website wasn’t very vying, which resulted in a larger number of potential clients slipping away after a cursory glance at the home page.

There was no streamlined flow to the digital content available online, thereby making the information a little inaccessible.

While they managed to keep a fairly decent search engine ranking, there weren’t any proper steps taken to put themselves out there, thereby losing visibility from prospects and inherently revenue, too.

Solution Approach

The Scala team looked at the company’s online identity and studied the Mobile App Platform landscape.

They re-vamped the brands presence online to allow its personality to shine through better.

Based on the market, the marketing strategies were drawn up and tailored to fit the company’s needs while levelling the field for it to play.

Key Highlights

The changes in marketing strategy helped engage potential and even the undeveloped clientele.

In the span of 3 months, website traffic improved and leads began to percolate from there.

With the execution of aggressive and targeted campaigns the following months saw a leap of 50% in revenues and a 4 time increase in leads over a period of 1 year.

Given the value-for-money pricing structure that

  • took care of all the marketing needs
  • without the company spending excessively
  • or worrying about no return on their marketing investment

resulted in saving money and time for the client over a period of time

With Scala diligently and coherently building up their online identity and accessibility, their product was able to find a shelf to distinguish itself from competition.