Inbound Sales Acceleration

Inbound Sales Acceleration

Why is inbound marketing a buzz word today? In the wonderland of sales, no sales person will have to spend all his life prospecting. Prospects reach out to sales professionals seeking their advice on solving their problems, and in the process inadvertently buy solutions to their problems from the same sales person.

In the same world, customers exhibit much more than just brand loyalty. They experience brand ecstasy and, therefore, make the effort to go back to the same product without external sales cues. More importantly, the avenues for customers to buy are many, and convenient, while also delivering cost benefits, thereby encouraging repeat purchases.

  • Understand industry drivers
  • Define your Astra
  • Package it, Name it
  • Own it & Evangelize it
  • Win & Nurture Flag-bearers
  • Identify media of engagement with target audience
  • Plan and disseminate content through all media and through avenues like websites, blogs, emails, social media, communities, forums, print, audio, video and electronic advertising, etc.
  • Discuss the drivers and the Astra. Remember, no one can talk about your Astra the way you do. And your Astra is about solving problems, not selling anything.
  • Establish yourself as the thought leader and the authority in solving pertinent problems
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve the problems
  • Help customers identify problems and, furthermore, evaluate the extent of its impact
  • Engage with customers who have identified problems
  • Demonstrate capabilities and success stories
  • Win confidence
  • Allow sales to happen

Inbound Sales Acceleration is your ticket to that wonderland. We help create that sustainable inbound demand generation mechanism that not only reduces your sales cycle, but also increases your conversions by manifold.

Inbound sales acceleration components:


  • Messaging
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Content Design & Development
  • Website content & design
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO/ SEM
  • Online Advertising
  • Communities & Forums Maintenance
  • Evangelizing
  • Online Reputation Enhancement