Marketing & Sales Work in Tandem

Marketing & Sales Work in Tandem

Client Description

The client provides outsourced accounting services in two core categories – real estate companies and multifarious SMBs globally.

Business Challenge & Drivers

The product (the service they were rendering) was efficient, thorough and, most importantly, extremely cost competitive; however, despite their personalized approach, they required a proper marketing format to reach out to their prospective clientele who were mostly overseas.

Given the demand in the field, and the supply that they could meet it with – having the manpower, infrastructure and adaptability, the product wasn’t expected to be a challenging sell. Yet, they needed to be able to get some ground work done with prospects before travelling oceans to meet clients and cement deals.

There wasn’t sufficient content available online for potential clients to get a sense of the companies’ work and make the decision to link-up with them. This was a critical point given that, unlike local companies on similar time zones, the opportunity for client-vendor meetings or frequent calls aren’t always possible or convenient. This significantly impacted sales conversions.

Their search engine ranking was fair to middling, website traffic was poor, and leads were barely converting, thereby, and unfortunately so, leaving the entire endeavor very mediocre.

Despite offering a good service, their moribund marketing customs required an uplift in the form of inbound marketing to generate the right sales.

Solution Approach

Scala Marketing studied the companies’ services and USPs to understand how they could propel their marketing work without hitting brick walls.

They began their work on it by first decluttering the website and instead providing miscellaneous information – both educational and commercial. This way website visitors didn’t feel pestered by an onslaught of outright marketing flings; rather they are drawn in to understand the product and how it can be their solution.

The real estate and SMB websites were maintained as two distinct entities to ensure complete comprehension and negate the possibility of perplexity. This way distinct campaigns could be run for each and with more potency and emphasis on the nuanced aspects of each category.

After analysing the market competition and assessing this company’s stand and status quo, Scala worked on projecting its abilities to the right clientele.

A simple but powerful strategy was put into place and executed to the teeth, leaving a little breathing room only for improvisation, as the need called.

Online campaigns were being effected with improved trajectories.

The aim was to alleviate ersatz conversions, maximize sales, and reduce the marketing effort required to jog a prospect along subsequent turns of the sales cycle.

Key Highlights

When best practices were implemented after putting the marketing strategies into place, it reflected in the high ROI.

The clarity from attritional thought and dynamic changes in the marketing strategy helped engage potential and even undeveloped clientele. This reduced the sales effort to an extent.

With website traffic improving within the first month and interest developing in the product, favorable leads began to percolate from there.

This meant qualified and voluminous leads, which had a high potential of converting.

By the fifth month the company was realizing a 200% increase in sales revenue.

With Scala’s intervention the product was able to find its distinguishing pedestal and they could traject it respectably.

The efforts being fairly recent, the full domino effect of deliberate marketing can’t be inferred at this stage. However the distinct result recognized is the website’s self-sufficient driving of its own sales, without much coaxing from the sales people. Of course, the full extent of this qualification can be realized only in time, but the incipient evidence lies bare for all to see.

With marketing and sales working in tandem the pressure of driving a sale became more symmetrical and less partisan. This also meant efficacy, strength and fruitfulness in the end result – the sale.