ROI Realised When The Right Audience Meets The Right Product

ROI Realised When The Right Audience Meets The Right Product

Client Description

The client was a health care provider based in India and dealt with the niche branch of neurobiofeedback for the betterment or overcoming of neurological conditions in people.

Business Challenge & Drivers

The product (the service they were rendering) was non-traditional albeit competitive; however simply having an excellent product doesn’t suffice if it can’t help its respective clientele. There seemed to be a chasm between the practitioner and convalescents-to-be (or their carers), which their efforts weren’t able to bridge.

They weren’t able to draw potential leads through their existing website nor convert the unqualified leads that were coming through.

Since the product itself was fairly new and unconventional, it tended to be a hard sell, and required the target customers to first understand it before realising its superior benefits.

Additionally, owing to the expensive and readily unavailable equipment required, the cost of the service was significant.

There wasn’t sufficient content available online, and the scant information that was there was pedantic to a degree, making the information a little inaccessible.

While they managed to keep a good search engine ranking, there wasn’t sufficient website traffic nor any leads converting, thereby rendering their efforts obscure.

Solution Approach

They approached Scala Marketing to help them take an impactful product to the people who would desire it.

First we analysed the market and varied indirect competition to assess the best platform to project the company’s abilities.

After hashing out a solution and a strategy to pull it through, we optimized their website for inbound marketing, re-evaluating at every step and ensuring improvement in denser areas as we moved ahead.

This meant a thorough analysis of the website and marketing content, conversion capabilities, nurturing leads to fruition etc.

Apart from sprucing up their online image and social media bearing, targeted campaigns were effected immediately, thereby putting out accessible content while also reaching out to the right people.

Key Highlights

When best practices were implemented after putting the marketing strategies into place, it reflected in the high ROI.

The abrading and dynamic changes in marketing strategy helped engage potential and even undeveloped clientele.

With website traffic improving within the first month and interest developing in the product, favorable leads began to percolate from there.

This meant qualified and voluminous leads.

By the fifth month the health care provider was realizing a 500% ROI through inbound marketing.

With Scala’s intervention the product was able to find its distinguishing pedestal and traject their product respectably.

With Scala taking over the marketing, it left the health care provider more time to focus on his work, and foster only the promising leads into clients, as opposed to dealing with sterile prospects.